September 2022 News

Wow! What a year! 

The boats are pulled out of the water, the water lines are drained, and the lodge sits resting for next year, after a busy and productive season.

We are so grateful for the amazing season we had. We feel truly blessed by all those that support us and come enjoy the Alaskan experience with us. And a huge shout out to our dynamic staff which helped everyone have a great summer. This summer ended well with a gigantic run of silvers the last few days. A lot of our guests were able to find limits, as well as some halibut along the way. This summer was exciting as our new “Sunny Point” lodge was up and running. We are so grateful things went as smooth as they did. This off season is already off to a nice start as we catch our breath and get right back into the swing of things, planning for our 2023 season. We have a few projects that start in April at the lodge and we are already getting into the “nitty gritty” of planning all of our supplies out.

We hope that you are enjoying cooking your fish for your friends and family! If you need any good fish recipes, please get yourself a cookbook from the lodge. I especially recommend the “dynamite halibut”recipe. You can’t go wrong. The only problem with this recipe is that its so good, your friends will always ask for your fish after they taste it. I find it best to bring them along so they can get their own delicious catch.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns or if we can help you plan ahead for your future trip!

 -Your friends at Calder Mountain Lodge–